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Africa:The Next Frontier For Mobile Technology

Saturday May 2, 2015

Partners & Sponsors

Haas Black Business Students Association

The rapid adoption of mobile technology in Africa has given birth to new business models and innovative solutions to previously unsolvable problems.


What will the continent look like in 10 years? How will the adoption of the web transform how business is done?


Come to engage with  entrepreneurs and visionaries that will shape the business outlook for Africa.





",,,mobile technology is the future of the internet, all services and solutions gravitate towards the accessible yet disruptive personal touch of the button..." - Sophia Bekele


Founder/CEO of DotConnectAfrica Group & CBS International, Founder of Yes2dotAfrica Campaign, Ethiopia/United States


Sophia Bekele Eshete is a widely acknowledged business leader and philanthropist and is considered a global technology and internet authority.

Ms. Bekele has founded and run various international companies into new markets.



Innovation Sessions

Hands-on business model design sessions with start-ups - MORE INFORMATION TO COME

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